Looking forward to our projects in 2024 !

In this New Year, let us become the architects of our destinies, the “Animas Fortis”, alchemists of time, a unique fusion of freedom and conscience, embracing our mission with unprecedented mastery.
Let us commit ourselves to act optimistically on the path of hope, with a deep sense of responsibility towards our community.

Let us be the faithful guardians of our history, honoring the duty of memory.
And because there are other possible futures than obeying fate. So every adjustment to our vision becomes a powerful act of self-transformation, requiring a belief in positive solidarity.
Every day, every hour, let’s shape a future of greatness.
Let’s take care of our personal growth, so that we’re in the right place: accepting what is, transcending it, fighting against any regression and moving towards an economy of conviviality.

Let’s nurture our Intelligence to promote quality discernment.
Let’s connect with Strong Souls: let’s become the diamond tip of our community !
Echoing Bergson’s thoughts, reminding us that the future is no more determined than the past, let’s cultivate the wisdom that transcends challenges, directing our vital and spiritual forces towards achieving our full potential, adjusting our life plans with the flexibility of the creator.

And that we have incarnated to work towards this connection, not to watch the deterioration of a society, living conditions or the multiplication of crises.
Together, as a conscious elite, let’s create a symphony of impact and inspiration, give impetus to this sleeping brotherhood, resurrect our personal investment and unite them in a reality where determination and wisdom are the keys to a bright future.

Happy New Year to all Strong Souls, ready to work and influence the course of time, guide each other and the world, our Homeland towards higher horizons, and shape a radiant future !
Infinite gratitude to the Community of Awakened and Involved Souls whom I have the joy of accompanying in their life challenges, and who magnify existence.
I look forward to continuing our projects in 2024 !


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